Welcome to Pragmatic Money

by Chris W. Rea on

Welcome to Pragmatic Money — one Canadian’s perspective on personal finance.

My name is Chris W. Rea. I’m a 37-year-old husband and dad living near Toronto, Canada. I’m a self-employed software craftsman (or developer & architect) working on my own projects, and for clients as an independent contractor. I enjoy the craft of software, but I’m also passionate about personal finance.

My passion for personal finance is my reason for building Pragmatic Money. I enjoy sharing ideas about money. If you know me personally, chances are you’ll have experienced this already.

I hope Pragmatic Money will become a useful resource for you to learn about personal finance and money, how I think about money, and how I think you should consider thinking about money.

I plan to make this personal. I am opinionated about the subjects that I’m passionate about. You won’t find my points of view agreeable all of the time but I do hope at least to get you thinking and acting smarter about money.

Pragmatic Money is also my opportunity to give something back to an online community from which I’ve learned so much myself. It’s also a personal venue through which I can re-think, refine, refute, or reinforce my ideas about money.

So, welcome to Pragmatic Money. I hope you find something of interest here.

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